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As designers, we sometimes struggle with finding inspiration. Here is a 31-Day Design Challenge for the month of July to kick your senses into gear! Try something new each day to expand your skills and creativity! Our team is taking the challenge and will post some of the highlights at the end.

Are you up for the challenge?

Post your designs and make sure to tag us @cwpdesign.
Don’t forget to #31daydesignchallenge !

  1. Design each letter in your name
  2. Create a pattern
  3. Create a poster only using type
  4. Create movement with a word
  5. Design your own icons
  6. Create a package design for your favorite food or beverage
  7. Create an animal graphic
  8. Hand lettering the alphabet
  9. Explore textures
  10. Redesign your business card
  11. Create an entire page of doodles
  12. Design an invitation
  13. Create a moodboard of your design style
  14. Create a t-shirt design with gradient
  15. Design a new logo
  16. Create a graphic using your own watercolor
  17. Design a geometric self-portrait
  18. Design a set of 5 notecards
  19. Pick an object and design it
  20. Design a phone case
  21. Design a graphic of your favorite quote
  22. Create a paint-by-numbers design and name each color
  23. Create a graphic for your design process
  24. Design a menu
  25. Collect inspiration from outside
  26. Redesign your favorite album cover
  27. Craft a personal mission statement
  28. Buy a new book about design
  29. Spend a day watching design tutorials
  30. Redesign an app button
  31. Create an advertisement using your own photograph